About Shirley Dunn Perry

My passion is simple. To be at peace with who I am and others, appreciating each moment. Not an easy goal, but a worthwhile one which guides me.

I’m a registered nurse. My work in intensive care, geriatrics, oncology, hospice, and nursing education has shaped me, and continues to bring me closer to knowing My Self and the human condition. Death in particular has become my friend, reminding me to notice and appreciate each day, no matter the weather.

I love. I know the difference between an open or closed heart. I do things that keep my heart open so that I can blossom, bearing fruit that I generously offer to others.

4 thoughts on “About Shirley Dunn Perry”

  1. Your whole blog reflects this. It is lovely in its expressions, whether written or in the images you choose. Beautiful.

  2. Shirley, I have to say I Absolutely Love your Passion. I live just about the same way. I live in a way not many people live. in the mind sense

  3. Yukti bhandari said:

    I am from Delhi, India. I read your story in chicken soup good bye to stress.
    I feel so inspired and would like to learn more from you.

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